Proof of Ignoramus

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Goal: quickly assess experts without being one, via negativa

Definition: when expressed words contradict basic logic, reality, or nuanced understanding

Limits: domain specific, although I'm a software developer, I mostly have ignorance related to Android applications

Related to: Intellectual-Yet-Idiots, Via Negativa, Jobs-to-be-done, Secretary Problem, Dunning-Kruger Effect

Opposite: Proof of Work

Finding my orthodontist

For 20 years I lived with constant pain. There wasn't enough room in my mouth for my teeth, pushing each other, causing countless sleepless nights.

I only knew my case wasn't ordinary, so without being an expert I could quickly filter out most of the recommended orthodontists when they mentioned they will do the "usual procedure", that was the Proof of Ignoramus. After nine months I had found an orthodontist, who did proper measuring and planning and was way ahead of every other experts in treating my condition.

My wife and PCOS

My wife was unsuccessfully treated for all her life for Polycystic Ovary Syndrome as if she had insulin resistance (spoiler alert: she never had IR, HOMA-IR 0.86, perfect Kraft assay), because 2 out of 3 times IR is associated with PCOS.

We could rule out recommended gynecologists as soon as they said "insulin resistance", that was the Proof of Ignoramus. In six months we found an awesome physician.