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Talking at Blockchain Economic Forum (5:55 highlight, ▶ Youtube) 2018 Singapore.

I'm Viktor Tabori, an engineer, obsessed with human behavior and health:

  1. 📈 4x co-founder:
    digital marketing agency (Artisan Marketing),
    doctor listing site (,
    blockchain healthcare project (,
    event promotion (Terminal Club Nights)
  2. 👨‍🏫 educator:
    blockchain, development, design
  3. ⚡️ high energy introvert


  1. Make the world a kinder place
  2. Look for scale to test what really works
  3. Attract high energy, intelligence, and integrity
  4. Whenever in doubt give more value

Why do I write?

I write for my past self. Instead of convincing or evangelizing, I aim to help those walking in the same shoes.

My job is to solve complex problems. It is a hobby, to be honest. I did it long before got paid for it.

I share my solutions for frustrating IT problems, like:

What I publish already helps companies like:
Google, PWC, Airbus or InnovatorsInHealth

Hello Viktor;

I am M**** and I work at Google. I found your code on Stack Exchange and it has solved a long-standing problem we've had. You'd think that working at Google, I'd have a room full of geniuses to ask, but I don't.
Thanks again. This will make me a superstar....all credits to you. [...]

Hey Victor,
Your unpivot custom formula is helping our organisation [note: Innovators In Health] a lot. I had two sleepless nights trying to figure out this.

Many thanks for your effort.

I publish my findings related to health, performance optimization, and digital marketing.

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Fun facts

  • 🥦 Never ate meat in my life
  • 🥊 Competitive martial artist for 15 years: wrestling, kung fu, thai box
  • 🥇junior world champion
  • 🏆had one and won one professional kempo fight
  • 💥1 second KO on Youtube:
  • 🎖🇭🇺 Hungarian Republic Medal recipient for being an Excellent Athlete-Student
  • Love 🐠diving, ⛵️sailing, and 🛩piloting aircraft
  • Cheris 🍲high quality food, 🔬modernist cuisine, and 🥼food tech
  • 🍕 Napoletana pizza coach in spare time

Professional obsessions

  • Stanford University Logo Innovative Healthcare Leader program alumnus.
  • Started programming at 6, at 16 developed an unemployment registration system for the Government of Hungary.
  • Teach blockchain smart contract security and development at UC Irvine, Hong Kong PolyU, and Kaist South Korea.
  • Co-founder of Terminal Club Nights, an event promotion venture pulling off high-end events with 1,500+ attendees. A true holacracy, even before it was cool, co-founded by 9 friends from college.
  • Co-founder of Artisan Marketing, a scientific digital marketing agency with clients like Vodafone.
  • Co-founder of Etheal, a blockchain-based healthcare project.
  • Co-founder of, a doctor listing site present in 93 countries with 420,000 physicians, helping 410,000 people each month.



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